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Web Tip:
Why do you not see email addresses anywhere on this website?
  Displaying email addresses or any personal contact information on your website is one method for spammers to add your email address to their list of victims.(Did You Know This?)

  Spammers mine all websites, just like search engines do, and record email addresses. As a result, you should never have any email address written into your webpages.

  Now purportedly, there are defensive scripts that claim to secure your webpages from this violation. The Web Master says, the only way to be be sure is don't do it!

  What you CAN do is what we do. Have your email addresses stored in a backend database, which are called on dynamically when needed. The user submits the Contact Request form, and the processing page already knows where to find the correct email address to send the form contents to.

  Did your webmaster tell you about this?

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Ads are turned off.
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