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Frequently Asked Questions/Tips
  • What does web hosting mean?
  •    A web host is a company or person who has the ability to take your website pages and have them become visible on the Internet for all to see. There is normally a fee for this service. This ability is required if your intention is for anyone in the internet world to be able to surf to your webpages.
  • Can The Web Master host my website?
  •    Yes, he can! However, The Web Master is not generally in the Web Hosting business. The Web Master typically only hosts websites to which he is the administrator. If you wish to have a website online and you are the owner/operator/creator, there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies online which can help you. Their services and abilities are varied in price and scope. Simply enter WEB HOST in Google and you are on your way.
  • I put my new website online and within a few days, my hit counter showed hundreds of hits to my new website! How did they find me already?
  •    Sorry to say the majority of your hits are probably web spiders from search engines all over the world, like Google for example. These little pieces of software are recording data from your webpage and sending it back to their databases. They, in effect, load each of your web pages, just like a visitor might, and collect the data. Depending on how your hit counter works, you might be recording anywhere from one hit to the total number of pages you have at your website.
      Typical low-level hit counters offer an inaccurate picture of your website traffic. They often record a hit for every page that is viewed. This is actually called a Page View, which is distinctly different from a "website hit". If your counter records more than one hit from a visitor while he/she is visiting your site, obviously an inaccurate portrait of your website's traffic is being painted.
      You can now understand how some webmasters might take advantage of this process and mislead their client.
  • Tip
  •    When you have a business website online, never use a personal email address while conducting company business. This is one of the most senseless mistakes The Web Master has seen along the way.
      Your email address is another form of advertising. If you don't use your domain email, you lose out on free advertising. Never 'Reply From' your personal email. If you are having your publicly promoted domain email address forwarded to your personal email box, when you hit reply the recipient will see you coming from a personal address. This goes to credibility. Professionalism. Not a good idea!

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