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What is Cold Fusion?
  Put as simply as possible, Cold Fusion(CF) is an environment that runs in the background on a webserver. It allows for dynamic interaction between web pages and databases. For example, collecting information in a webpage form and storing it in a backend database, such as MS Access, and perhaps subsequently outputting that data to a webpage for display. Communicating with databases is only one of the great feaures of CF.

  CF allows for a host of functionalities to a website such as sending/receiving email, automating email responders, mathmatical computations, data manipulation and display or visitor session handling. CF can be used to create an entire Webstore!

  Even the simplest of websites can make use of CF features such as hit counter duties, allowing for not only an accurate accounting of how many visitors actually land on your website every day, but also where they came from, their Internet Protocal(IP) address and other useful data.

   It is relatively simple to spot a website making use of CF. In the URL string of your browser, when you see an extension on a webpage name .CFM, like this one http://www.IamTheWebMaster.com/cold_fusion.CFM, you know the website uses Cold Fusion !

   While CF is an extremely hi-tech website solution, it easily offers lo-tech solutions as well.

  All the websites listed in our SITES section are examples of Cold Fusion programming.

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