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Do you need a website makeover? A Website Rescue? 0

  The Web Master will be happy to reassess your website, make recommendations and help you breathe new life into your Internet presence!
  In no particular order, here are some things to look for at your website to help you determine if you may need The Web Master's help!

Website Banner . . .
  •   Is the banner of your webpage larger than 1/4 the vertical height of your webpage as visitors see it when they first arrive at your website? When visitors arrive at your website, the first thing they see is your home page and you need to grab their attention and make them want to stay. This is why it's very important to make efficient use of your home page and its elements.

      An overly large banner, likely being displayed on most or all of your website's pages(as it should be) is a HUGE waste of real estate. This will usually result in the need for scrolling. Scrolling is a bad thing!
Website Navigation . . .
  •   Can your visitors easily find whatever they are looking for on your webpages? Is your top menu structure logical and complete? Do visitors have to click more than once or twice to get where they need to go? Does each page of your website contain some common elements such as the same menu panel, same banner and same footer info?
Website Design . . .
  •   Obviously, the design of your website and the resulting feelings that visitors experience is very important to a successful website. All of the above points, in addition to the effective use of text/images combination are all parts of a good website design. A webpage consisting of text only becomes tiresome and boring to the eye. This will usually result in the visitor clicking "something" or "anything" involuntarily, just to get away from the feeling of being "surrounded" by text.
The above website elements are merely some highlites of things to be aware of when assessing your website and helping you decide if you need to contact The Web Master for help.

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