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Is your website outdated?
Unhappy with your current webmaster?
Your webmaster is unresponsive to your needs?
Your webmaster is basically M.I.A.?
You mayneed a WEBSITE RESCUE!
  • We don't just 'Rescue' or 'Build' websites, we advise you
    how to USE your website in an "Internet Business Plan" !

       All too often, clients find out the hard way after investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in a new company website, the old adage "Build it and they will come!" doesn't hold any water on an Internet with literally millions of websites for surfers to visit.
       The Web Master says ". . . knowing and effectively using your Internet Tools, can easily grow your business and save you vast amounts of money in the making."

  • A Web Master revelation . . . .
       Here's a simple test to see how your current webmaster is treating you . . .
    When you first had your domain name registered, did your webmaster(or someone else) handle it? Did you know there may be a good chance that YOU or your COMPANY does not actually own the domain name, even if you have been getting billed and paying for it?

       The Web Master has found that all too often, webmasters register domain names for their Clients but register themselves in all the CONTACT RECORDS of the domain name registration, thereby listing themselves as the "owner of record". Should you have a falling out, they will then, in effect, have a stranglehold on you or your company, if you have any hopes of continuing use of the domain name for your website. You will have no access to that domain name registration without acquiescing to your webmaster's demands, or filing a lawsuit in Court.

       Click on this link, http://network-tools.com/ and click on WhoIs option and enter your domain name(ie. IamTheWebmaster.com) and click GO! In the resulting page, scroll down on right and see REGISTRANT CONTACT - Is that you or your company's name and info in there?

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